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  • Vani Farms

    Hi Folks

    I have a small home garden.
    How do I prevent snakes entering my garden?
    Any remedy available?
    Thank you.

  • Vivasayi

    I have heard Sarpagandha plants can ward off snakes. Another option is to make a concortion of garlic and spray it across the garden. Hope this helps.

    • Swamy Traders

      hello everyone
      We had the same problem near our house and we bought few guinea fowls. Even then the snakes visited frequently. We were doubtful of the usefulness of the fowls. We wanted to test. So one day when two snakes were beaten we stopped before killing them. The snakes were moving slowly because of the wounds but were hissing. We placed them near the fowls. But there was no response from the fowls even after 15 minutes. So basically guinea fowls are not that useful.

      Then we planted a herb known as siriyanangai in tamil [Andrographis paniculata]. I think it is giving good results. The frequency of snake visits has reduced drastically.

  • alpsteam alpsteam


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