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  • Vani Farms

    Hello everyone,

    I am considering to plant Melia Dubia in my farm and hence need insights regarding few things given below:

    1. Is it okay if Melia Dubia is planted in Nov/Dec.
    2. What should be inter plant distance
    3. Are there buyers if cutting is done after 3 years?
    4. What are existing buying rates?

  • Vivasayi

    The melia Dubia plantation can be done throughout the year under irrigation except hot summer.The spacing dimension for Melia dubia will be as follows 10’x10’x,9’x9′ and 9’x8′.The far ar may select the one of the spacing dimension.We can grow the Melia Dubia upto 8 years as minimu under low density plantation.The Melia Dubia trees are ready for harvest not in bid quantum.The current market rate will be decided @ Mettupalayam very recent like ₹ 6500/-per ton.

    We are having the good quality in genuine breed of Melia dubia seedlings .We always promote and propagate the Melia dubia by silviculture method(seed germinated plants) for fast growth and better yield.

    The Melia dubia will grows well in red soil very well under irrigation.We can provide water to Melia Dubia weekly once compulsory and also twice or thrice in hot summer.If You
    provide drip irrigation the yield will be 30% more while comparing with the canal irrigation.

    The spacing dimension Melia dubia will be as follows like 10’x10′,9’x9′ and 9’x8′.On observation of the Melia dubia will be similar So kindly opt and select the 9’x8′ spacing pattern. We can accommodate nearly and approximately 620 plants in one acre I the spacing dimension of 9’x8′.

    The yield pattern of Melia dubia will be minimum,approximately 300 tons per acre subject to the well irrigation ,soil condition and well care by the farmers.We are able to supply of good quality Melia Dubia seedlings to any destination in Tamil nadu and north India with complete consultancy with proper guidance time to time with up to technics. The plantation should be done by the farmers under proper guidance . We already have completed 300 acres in Karnataka,AP and Telang.We also doing the buy back facilities to our customers through “Consortium of Industrial Agroforestry”(TNAU) Forestry College & Research Institute,Mettupalayam

  • Green Farmer

    1. Yes
    2. 10ft x 10ft
    3. After 8 years
    4. 7000/- per ton

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